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Pool Information/Rules

Swimming Pool Information

Junior Olympic-Sized Pool

1 & 3 Meter Diving Boards

Zero-Entry Shaded Baby Pool

Please come by to see why we are so proud of our pool and our facilities. With our strong membership, we have been able to maintain and upgrade our pool and surrounding features so that you are getting more value for your membership dollars!

We offer our members:

  • Newly re-plastered (2021) Junior Olympic-sized pool
  • Competitive Swim Team
  • Competitive 1 meter and 3 meter diving boards
  • Zero entry children’s wading pool with separate filtration system
  • Sun shade sails for wading pool.
  • Playground with swings
  • Green space for play

Kingsley Location

  • Address: Kingsley Racquet and Swim Club, 2325 North Peachtree Way, Dunwoody, GA 30338
  • Link to Google maps   

Pool Guests

  1. Guests must be accompanied by a member host and the member host must pay the guest fee when signing in. The guest fee is $3.00 per guest. During special events the guest fee will be $10.00 plus the cost of the event.
  2. A child under the age of three and out of town guests will be admitted without charge.
  3. Members are responsible for their guests.
  4. It is the Member’s responsibility to make sure their guests know and follow the Kingsley pool rules.
  5. Guests that are not choosing to follow the Kingsley pool rules will be asked to leave the pool
  6. If you plan to bring more than 8 guests for a gathering at the pool, please reach out to Aquatics Director Kendall Adams aquaticskingsley@gmail.comto ensure that we have adequate staff that day.
  7. Pool Parties – contact aquaticskingsley@gmail.com for more information. Additional Lifeguards can be booked at the following link

Kingsley Lake Access

Kingsley Club sits on a great piece of property that borders Kingsley Lake, a privately owned lake here in Dunwoody.  Kingsley Club owns land up to the lake but does not have any ownership in the lake itself. Thus members of the Club do not have access to the Lake unless they are guests of someone who belongs to the Kingsley Lake Association.

Swimming Pool Rules

Safety Rules

  1. The Lifeguard or Board member can determine any acts or actions that are considered unsafe and not covered by these rules. 
  2. WALK – No running in the pool area or any behavior that endangers the well-being of yourself or others.
  3. No Pushing or “horseplay” around the pool.
  4. No children 10 years of age or younger may be dropped off at the pool.  They must be accompanied by a responsible person over the age of 12.
  5. Pool toys must meet the lifeguard’s approval to be allowed in the pool.
  6. No Glass on Pool Deck or in Pool (beer bottles, wine bottles, casserole dishes for example)
  7. Locked Gates: Per Dekalb County code, all gates to the pool must remain locked at all times.  The gate code will be posted on the website for members only.  You will need to log onto the Kingsley Member Website to get the gate code.

Diving Rules

  1. No swimming allowed in the diving area unless lifeguard has stopped diving and has authorized swimming in the dive area.
  2. One person only allowed on Board and Ladder at a time.
  3. Diving only allowed straight off the end of the board.
  4. Children under 50 inches tall are NOT allowed on the high dive board.
  5. No wearing of water wings or flotation device on the diving boards.
  6. No catching diver from diving well
  7. No non-swimmers in the deep end. Parents should stay with them in the shallow end or wading pool.

Wading Pool

  1. No Lifeguard on Duty:  Children in the wading pool are the responsibility of a competent adult and should never be left unattended.
  2. No Children over the age of 5:  Children over the age of 5 are not allowed in the wading pool.
  3. Swimmy’s AND waterproof diapers: All children who wear diapers must wear both Swimmy’s and waterproof diapers (available from Lifeguard). Any violation of this rule will result in a one-week suspension for the member family. Any violation causing a pool closing will result in a fine and/or further suspension at the discretion of the board.
  4. No furniture in the pool. This damages the pool surface.
  5. All main pool rules apply to the wading pool as well.

Swim rules

  1. 15-minute lifeguard break: every hour during open pool hours.
    1. During lifeguard break, no one under the age of 18 is permitted in the pool.
    2. Children are not permitted to sit on the edge of the pool or on the steps leading into the pool during lifeguard break.
    3. Adult volleyball must end at the end of lifeguard break unless given permission to continue by board member or lifeguard.
    4. Parents and members are responsible for their children and guests are safe and following the rules during lifeguard break.
  2. No diving into the pool (swim area), except during swim team practice or swim team meets.
  3. No distracting the lifeguards while they are on duty. It is imperative that the lifeguards be able to perform their duties without anyone, however well intentioned, taking their attention away from their job.
  4. Pool Closing: Lifeguards and Board Members may close the pool facility at any time when, in his/her judgment, conditions may jeopardize the safety of those using the facility.
  5. Weather Closing: by the lifeguard In the event of thunder or any inclement weather.
  6. Non-Swimmers: Non-swimmers must be accompanied in the pool area by a competent adult swimmer.

Health Rules

  1. Cleansing Shower: All bathers must take a cleansing shower before entering the pool. The clubhouse showers may be used.
  2. Go to the Bathroom: Parents are cautioned to have children use the bathroom before taking a shower and/or entering the pool.
  3. Contagious Skin Infections: Persons having skin disease, inflamed eyes, cold, nasal or ear discharge shall be excluded from using the pool.
  4. Infection Caution: Persons having open blisters, cuts, or skin abrasions are warned that these might become infected and are advised not to use the pool.
  5. Don’t be Gross: Spitting, spouting of water, urination, bowel movement, or blowing the nose in the pool is strictly forbidden.
  6. Don’t stain the pool bottom: No hairpins, bobby pins, hair tie with metal or curlers may be worn at any time in the pool.
  7. Not Potty Trained?: All children who wear diapers must wear both Swimmy’s and waterproof diapers (available from the Lifeguards). Any violation of this rule will result in a one-week suspension for the member family. Any violation causing a pool closing will result in a fine and/or further suspension at the discretion of the board.

Pool Games

Pool games like volleyball, Marco Polo and sharks and minnows are allowed at the Kingsley pool. Typically, volleyball is played mid-pool to allow for standing and use of the net, Marco Polo is played near the 5 foot end to allow for standing, while sharks and minnows is played at the deep end to allow for diving from the side of the pool.

Because games require a larger area of the pool in order to play, pool game swimmers must first get the permission of the lifeguard on duty. It is at the discretion of the lifeguard whether a pool game is allowed or not and when. The lifeguards’ decision is final.

In general, pool games may be played when there is no one else in the designated area either swimming or diving. Pool games may last up to, but no longer than, 30 minutes. If, during the time a pool game is being played, a swimmer wants to use that area, he/she must wait until the pool game is concluded and/or the 30 minutes is up. Conversely, if swimmers are in the designated area when a group wants to play a pool game, the lifeguard will give a heads-up to the swimmers that they have up to 30 minutes to continue swimming at which time a pool game is then allowed.

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