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Membership FAQ


We encourage you to visit the other areas on our website to learn more about what we offer. If you have any additional questions or would like a tour of our facility please contact us at

Fee Structure

  • New Member One-Time Initiation of $1,250
  • Yearly Dues of $625 due before April 1. $50 late fee after April 1.
    • Pro-Rated Membership Fee for joining after June 30th (see chart below)
  • Senior Membership Discount
    • Senior Members pay yearly dues of only $500 (a discount of $125)
    • 62 years of age to be eligible - send in copy of Driver's License with your Application
  • 30-year Members - Once you've been a member for 30 years, you no longer pay dues. 
  • Any member who chooses to end their Kingsley membership, will be required to pay a $300 fee to re-activate their Kingsley membership should they decide to return in the future.

Kingsley Lake Access

  • Kingsley Club sits on a great piece of property that borders Kingsley Lake, a privately owned lake here in Dunwoody.  Kingsley Club owns land up to the lake, but does not have any ownership in the lake itself. Thus members of the Club do not have access to the Lake for fishing, boating, swimming, or any other recreation unless they are guests of someone who belongs to the Kingsley Lake Association.

Pro Rated New Membership Fees

In the event someone wishes to join the club during the year, the following fee schedule applies:




If you join prior to July

Full Fee

$625 Full Fee

If you join in July / August  

Full Fee


If you join in September

Full Fee


      *Full fees implemented in the next fee cycle effective April 1st
      Rates and fees listed are as of January 27, 2019 and are subject to increases as set by the board of directors.

Membership fees are due by April 1st for current members. Fees paid after that date incur an automatic $50 late fee.

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