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Kingsley Cares Day

Kingsley Cares Day Donation

Donation for those that cannot attend Kingsley Cares Day

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Kingsley Cares Day Sunday, March 10 from 9 am to 3 pm

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As a member-driven organization, we rely on member-volunteers to help with certain tasks and projects so that we can keep our expenses down and dues low. The Board pays for the materials and food/beverages, and all we ask for in return are many helping hands. With a good volunteer turnout, the workload is very manageable—and FUN!

We are not looking for a full-day commitment–just an hour or two or more if your schedule allows! And for those of you whose children need service hours, we are happy to sign off on the tasks completed by your child. 

If you can’t make it to Kingsley Cares Day, please consider giving a donation to help with expenses. A donation of $25 or more is greatly appreciated. You can donate via PayPal on our website or you can drop off a check payable to KRSC or cash to any board member.

So that we know how much food to plan for, please let us know if you’re coming and at what time frame by using this SignUp Genius Link.

Below is our list of PRIORITY tasks and projects. Let us know which task or project you’d like to tackle or we can help you pick one! Questions? Contact Kristin Simons at kingsleypresident@gmail.com.

See you there!

Playground area

Bring: gloves, shovel, wheelbarrow, rake, pressure washer

  • Pressure wash playset
  • Spread playground mulch

Landscaping/grounds/parking lot

Bring: gloves, shovel, wheelbarrow, rake, chain saw, pruners, leaf blower

  • Clean-out and mulch all beds starting with the front and moving to the back
  • Trim/remove overgrown privets near Dolphin’s Nest and area next to clubhouse patio
  • Blow debris from underneath deck of the Dolphin’s Nest
  • Remove debris around pump room
  • Shovel mud that’s spilled over curb and add brick pavers at curbside to prevent further spillage
  • Sand and repaint sunshade poles (4)
  • Build enclosure that will hide dumpster (longer-term project that could be done anytime)


Bring: pressure washer, tools, cleaning supplies, hand-held vacuum


  • Vacuum couches
  • Empty storage room
  • Build storage shelves in storage closet for social supplies
  • Empty hallway closet
  • Toss unneeded stuff from both closets
  • Clean “goop” off round and rectangular tables
  • Tighten bolts on tables
  • Replace table feet
  • Clean walls/baseboards
  • Clean “goop” off light switches, add stoppers
  • Remove tape from walls in clubhouse/glue dots
  • Clean tv screen
  • Clean inside of refrigerator
  • Clean oven
  • Type up directions on how to use the audio machine
  • Adjust water bottle filling station


  • Wash outside/inside windows
  • Clean gutters
  • Pressure wash patio area
  • Bleach clean garbage cans
  • Spray for bugs around outside of clubhouse windows, doors and floor level
  • Clean grills
  • Clean gutters
  • Fix ring game

Tennis courts

  • Heyward Wescott to clean and reattach ALTA and USTA signs


  • Nothing


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