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Captain’s Page

Information for Team Captains


Captains, thank you very much for your willingness to take on the responsibilities of being a team captain.  Your contribution of time, talent, and enthusiasm is what makes the Kingsley tennis experience so much fun for our members!

It is very important that you submit your team information at least three weeks prior to the start of each season so that courts may be reserved for your team for both practices and matches.  The earlier you send that information to the Tennis Director, the more easily we can accommodate preferences for particular practices days or particular courts.

Also, Captains must submit a copy of their final roster, from either the ALTA or USTA website, to the Tennis Director prior to the start of the season.

Please contact with any questions.  Go Kingsley!

League Play (Per Tennis Rules Page)

1.    All KRSC members are eligible to play on a league team providing their participation on the team does not change the team’s flight by more than two levels (ALTA) or one level (USTA). Exception to this rule can be made if at least 50% of members of affected team are willing to accept the level change.

2.    KRSC teams must be comprised of a majority (over 50%) of members. All Non-Member Players must be approved by the board prior to being added to a roster, including add-on players during the season.

3.   Non-member players on ALTA/USTA Teams

4.  Members of other Dunwoody area clubs that honor the reciprocal agreement (Dunwoody North, Village Mill & Georgetown) shall be allowed to play on a Kingsley team at no fee.

5.  All league teams will be able to begin practicing no earlier than 2 weeks before the official start of the season.

6.  Team Practice nights shall be determined at a captains’ meeting  approximately three to four weeks prior to the start of each season, provided the Tennis Coordinator has been notified by each captain in advance of this timeframe.  If practice schedules cannot be determined by a consensus among the captains, then a lottery system will be used to determine practice nights.      

7.  Rainouts and other league makeup matches should be coordinated with the practice schedule, using the rained out team’s practice night if possible. It is the responsibility of the rained-out team’s captain to reserve courts for makeup matches and to coordinate with other captains if a ‘practice night swap’ is needed. If captains are not able to work out an arrangement or find an available court, it is the responsibility of the team to find another location to make up the match. It is not the responsibility of the Tennis Coordinator to facilitate. If other courts must be used for the makeup match, any fees associated with those courts will be the responsibility of the teams making up the matches - Kingsley DOES NOT reimburse for those court fees.

8.    If teams are scheduled to play AWAY MATCHES they need to first try to schedule their makeup matches at the away courts where they were initially scheduled to be played before matches were cancelled. It is not until all home matches that are to be rescheduled have been rescheduled and played that  away matches can be played at Kingsley's courts.

9.    Division/City Final winners:
Teams that win their division or City Finals may purchase a sign to hang on the courts. The Tennis Director will provide purchasing information from Custom Signs Today.

    • Approval required for each season and team
    • This does not include reciprocal members form Village Mill, Dunwoody North and Georgetown
    • Non-member request must be submitted in writing to the Tennis Director at
    • Non-member players cannot be former Kingsley members
    • Board approval is required for all non-member players on a per season basis
      • Non-members are only to be added when needed to provide an adequate roster size
    • $100/season non-member fee must be payed before 1st match of the season / $35 annual fee for junior non-member players
      • Captains are responsible for collecting and submitting all fees in a single payment
      • $10/player late fee will be applied if not paid prior to the start of the season


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